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What could stop the Dallas Cowboys from achieving…

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What could stop the Dallas Cowboys from achieving...

Clearly in win-now mode, the Dallas Cowboys have their sights set on winning a Super Bowl. What could hold them back from achieving that goal?

After trading for defensive lineman Michael Bennett in their bye week, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it clear it’s win or bust for this team. Fans across the world want nothing more than to win their first Super Bowl in over two decades.

While it is clear that this roster has the talent and potential to win a Super Bowl this season, there are two major things that could hold them back.

For starters, injuries could be a huge reason we could look back in February and see why the Cowboys did not achieve their goals. While this sounds simple, it could be a huge issue. Sure, injuries could bug any team from being as good as their potential, but there are a few players Dallas physically cannot win without, all of which play offense.

These three players include quarterback Dak Prescott, running back Ezekiel Elliott, and wide receiver Amari Cooper. If Prescott were to go down, current backup quarterback Cooper Rush is not capable of carrying a team to a Super Bowl.

The same goes for Elliott, although his backup Tony Pollard is excellent, is a crucial part of the Cowboys offense and would make them one-dimensional in his absence. Lastly, Cooper would be a devastating blow. In the time he has been off the field this season for injuries, the offense is stagnant. Prescott clearly needs Cooper to keep the offense rolling.

Another factor that could hold Dallas back is inconsistency. To win a Super Bowl, you have to win consecutive games and play well week after week. Thus far, the Cowboys have not been consistent. One week the defense looks great and the next it doesn’t.

The same goes for the offense, which at times looks unstoppable and other times is hard to watch. After the first three wins of the season, against some of the worst teams in the NFL, Dallas has not rattled off consecutive wins. Putting together a string of wins is clearly a necessity when it comes to the NFL Playoffs.

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Overall, few would argue this Dallas Cowboys team isn’t talented enough to go all of the way. It will come down to staying healthy and finding a way to stay consistent to achieve the goals Jerry Jones has for the team. What will we look back and say about the 2019 Dallas Cowboys?

What could stop the Dallas Cowboys from achieving their Super Bowl goals?