Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

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The scene, the style, the substance make for…

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The scene, the style, the substance make for...

Head Coach Matt LaFleur talked about his team “leaving it all on the field” with “no regrets” heading into its bye week. The Packers can heal up their bumps and bruises and get ready for a stretch run that starts with a long road trip to San Francisco, the top team in the NFC at the moment.

The Packers only have two regular-season games left at Lambeau Field, but they’re 5-1 at home and the adjustment to the winter weather has already been made for whatever Mother Nature brings the rest of the way.

“Guys were embracing the cold, … and I reminded Matt this is our weather. We love this weather,’” Rodgers said. “It seems like this place is becoming what it was for so long, a very difficult place to play. We’re putting ourselves in position to have an opportunity to get one of these meaningful ones down the line.”

Rodgers is talking about a home postseason game, of course, and the Packers have enjoyed only one of those over the previous four seasons. Just two of their last seven playoff games have been at Lambeau, so Rodgers’ focus on the big picture is understandable.

With the bye week here, the Packers are allowed to take a look around, at least briefly. Especially on a day the New Orleans Saints picked up their second loss in a home upset, and when either the 49ers will get their first loss or the Seahawks will get their third on Monday night.

But LaFleur also stressed the coaches will dive into an extensive self-reflection as to just what this team does best, and what it must do to clean up pre-snap penalties and other miscues that are making things more difficult at times than they should be.