Russell Wilson’s Offseason Work Evident

  • By: Jake Luppino
  • Date: September 19, 2020
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Russell Wilson’s Offseason

Yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks reported for their first day of training camp. While certain things are different this year, with no fans in attendance and players having to wear masks just to name a few, the one constant is that in spite of a national pandemic, Russell Wilson did not slow down his offseason regiment. 

Here is what Coach Carroll had to say about his QB:

He was so disciplined about it. The effect that he has on other players is really obvious, because he threw with a lot of guys over the course of time, got together with a bunch of guys. You can just see the carryover–they’re already talking our language. The work he has done with Greg Olsen and DK in particular, and Phillip Dorsett, we’re rolling. DK had a bunch of room to grow with as a young guy; (Wilson) had to learn Greg and Greg had to learn Russ, and same with Phillip and those guys are in here flying around. They look great, they look like they know what they’re doing. They already are showing the kind of detail work that you have to work to earn, and Russell was really in the middle of making that happen.”

This should not come as a surprise either. Every offseason we watch our QB put in the necessary work and show his willingness at doing whatever it takes to become the best in the game.

If you remember, last offseason Wilson hosted a mini-camp at his mansion. His production company, West2East Empire was producing video content while Wilson and company were training. The YouTube video highlighted how detailed Wilson was when explaining to his new teammates how important everything actually was. The video also touched upon the bonding activities that took place at Wilson Manner. At the end of the video, there was a basketball tournament amongst the guys in which they were cheering each other on and poking fun at each other, specifically with Russell Wilson calling DK Metcalf “LeBron James” simply due to his physique. There was also the famous video of Wilson’s photographer, Daniel J. Mogg filming DK Metcalf running a fly route at the UCLA training facility

Russell Wilson’s Offseason

Ultimately, the video shows the true leader that Russell Wilson is. He knows how to capture the attention of his teammates. Wilson knows how to rely a message with powerful enough conviction for his teammates to believe and buy into it. While many poke fun at Wilson for being “corny” and just saying the right thing, I think people need to stop trolling and recognize Wilson for what he is; one of the best leaders to ever play in the sport. After a rookie gets drafted, nearly every time, Wilson is the first one to reach out, congratulate them and tell them to get ready to go to work.

With Wilson having a say in this offseason wanting more protection and targets, the Seahawks somewhat delivered. They added a bunch of depth to the offensive line and signed former Patriots WR Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett is a speedster that can make an immediate impact in the deep passing game that the Seahawks love. This offense is primarily focused on running the ball and making big plays down the field. Dorsett fits in perfectly with what they want to accomplish on offense and I would also like to add that he will make a great fit in the play-action game. 

DK Metcalf and Russell Wilson created a bound almost right after he got drafted last year. Wilson was the first one to call him, he took him under his wing and guided him in note-taking during team meetings. DK Metcalf had an impressive rookie year, reeling in 58 receptions for 900 yards while recording 7 TD’s (PFR). That goes without saying he had his struggles like every rookie does; against Baltimore, he tried doing too much and as a result, fumbled which was returned the other way for a touchdown. There were other games where he had a couple of bad drops, but Wilson’s trust in him never wavered. After the fumble, after the drops, Wilson continued to show faith in his young wideout and that faith paid off. That provides even more insight into what kind of leader Wilson is; he trusts all of his wide receivers regardless of what their name is or what pick they went in the draft if they even were drafted. Wilson sets the perfect example that we are all in this together.

One of his newer targets is Greg Olsen, who is a veteran in this league and I expect him to have an immediate impact on this offense. Not only will Olsen be a good run blocker, but he can contribute as a pass-catcher. With Will Dissly being back and fully healthy, the Seahawks have some serious depth at the TE position. Last year’s breakout player, Jacob Hollister, Will Dissly, Greg Olsen, and the rookie they drafted Colby Parkinson. I am curious to see how Seattle works this rotation throughout the year baring that there are no injures, but in the case that someone does go down, they have plenty of depth at this position.

Mr. Unlimited is JACKED

Russell Wilson’s Offseason

Another essential part of Wilson’s offseason program is the weight training that he does. His personal trainer Decker Davis does a great job of incorporating a plan surrounding Wilson’s goals for that particular offseason cycle. In this past offseason, Wilson wanted to simmer down as he is expecting to be used more as a runner in this season. While the photo presents the contrary to that, Wilson is looking leaner and meaner. Wilson has been active on Instagram providing videos of some of his gym workouts as well as on the field workouts showing off his impressive footwork. 

To think that Wilson has never received a single MVP vote is outright shameful. I think this is the year the naysayers will finally have their heads turned around by the show that Mr. Unlimited is going to put on.

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