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Projected starting lineup leaves no excuses in…

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Projected starting lineup leaves no excuses in...

The projected starting lineup for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys leaves no excuses for this team to win the NFC East and make a deep playoff run.

This is the time of year where expert after expert give their predictions for the final Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster. While many spots are easy to figure out, getting it 100 percent correct is like correctly predicting all 64 teams to make the NCAA college basketball tournament.

Instead of trying to figure out which linebacker will make the special teams or whether the Cowboys will keep eight or nine offensive linemen, let’s concentrate on what we do know. Barring injury, the starters on offense, defense, and the kicking specialists are pretty set.

Aside from all the rumblings from some fans and the constant negative drumbeat from some in the media, the Cowboys did win the NFC East Division Championship last year. According to John Williams’ insidethestar.com piece, the Cowboys win its division an NFL best 41 percent of the time, and last year was the team’s 24th.

While there has been some turnover, the majority of the starters from last year will return with a couple of notable upgrades. The expectation for the 2019 Cowboys should be high, and there is no excuse for this team to take a step backwards.

Let’s take a look at why each unit should be expected to perform at a championship level this year and why anything less would be a monumental disappointment.

Dallas Cowboys: Projected starting lineup leaves no excuses in 2019

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