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Ezekiel Elliot Turning Into ‘Fun Police’ For Dallas Cowboys

by Travis Pulver
Ezekiel Elliot

Ezekiel Elliot Turning Into ‘Fun Police’ For Dallas Cowboys

Expectations are par for the course when you play for the Dallas Cowboys. With Jason Garrett no longer the head coach, they may be a little higher this year. However, like every other team, the Cowboys playoff hopes could get upended if the team gets hit hard by the coronavirus.

Players are going to have to be smart, or as Ezekiel Elliot recently put it—they don’t do “anything dumb.”

Elliot has first-hand experience at that having gotten in trouble for doing ‘dumb’ things while having a good time (remember the St. Patrick’s Day parade incident?). But he also has first-hand experience with the coronavirus. He tested positive for it during the offseason.

Guys are going to do whatever they want, but Elliot has said he is going to make sure guys are aware of the impact their decisions can have (via TMZ.com):

“So, I mean just staying safe, and it’s really not about you, it’s about the guy next to you. You don’t wanna get that guy sick. You don’t wanna have him going home to his family and get it. It’s more of an accountability thing. Just keeping each other accountable.”

If having a team leader like Elliot caution you against going out for a good time is not enough, the fines the NFL is prepared to impose should be. Teams can be fined up to $50000 if a player does not submit to COVID testing. Players can get fined up to $14,650 if they engage in anything the league deems “high-risk” conduct.

Of course, some guys may not take anything Elliot says too seriously. Before he tested positive for the virus, he was seen at a party at Dak Prescott’s house that may have had more guests than CDC guidelines allowed at the time.

Image Source: Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA

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