Excitement as the new NFL season edges closer

  • By: Adam Schultz
  • Date: August 25, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Like many NFL fans, the wait for the season to finally start has felt like forever. With no pre-season games, a vastly different NFL draft, and limited practices and training camps, fans from all over the world want just one thing now, Football back. In just under three weeks we finally get to put our energy into something we love and that is football.

Personally, I have never been as excited looking forward to an NFL season than ever before. Mostly due to how COVID-19 has crippled the world. It has dominated every media outlet and the news is very rarely good. That is where football comes in. For those few hours on a Sunday (Monday morning Australian time) it gives us a break from the real world and allows us to focus on that.

At this stage, most fans would be happy simply to watch any game of football, not just their team. Make no mistake about it though, there is plenty of great match up’s that will greet us in week one.

Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson and his Baltimore Ravens host Baker Mayfield and the Browns who let us not forget, blew the Ravens out 40-25 although it was way back in week 2. This is a crucial season for Baker and the Browns as expectations are playoff football at a minimum with their team. Aaron Rodgers travels to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. How will Rodgers go now knowing that his predecessor is waiting patiently in the wings for any slip-ups. Although seeing Rodgers being benched this year is incredibly unlikely. Number 6 draft pick Justin Herbert takes on number one pick Joe Burrow and his Bengals although it remains to be seen if Herbert will start or if Tyrod Taylor gets the starting job for week 1 so watch that space closely.

Tom Brady and his Bucs face Drew Brees and The Saints in what is probably game of the week. Brady could not have wished for a harder start. Coming up against Drees and that high-flying offence. It will be great viewing to see how Brady integrates with his new side, yes there will be mishaps but if they get off to a slow start questions will certainly be raised. Brady must be given some time to get things right, will he get it? From certain parts of the media, probably not.

The last game on Sunday Night football. Dallas take on the LA Rams in their new stadium in what shapes up to be a fascinating contest. Both teams have a significant amount of pressure on them heading into the new season after underwhelming seasons previously. Dallas with new head coach Mike McCarthy will be looking to get off to a good start with an abundance of weapons at Dak Prescott’s disposal, expect points but against a decent secondary that the Rams possess it will be a tight game.

The new football season is fast approaching and like many fans, I can not wait. The chance to watch any football at all is incredible considering the year the world has had. September 11 cannot come quick enough as we need our football and we need it now.

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Image Source:© Sémhur / Wikimedia Commons

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