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Digesting the Dallas Cowboys’ kicking situation

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Digesting the Dallas Cowboys' kicking situation

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Having a solid kicker is crucial to how successful a team is. The Dallas Cowboys changed kickers, but did they make the right decision?

On Monday, the Dallas Cowboys addressed a flaw on their team by cutting kicker Brett Maher. He has had his struggles but has also had some glory. Former New England Patriot, Kai Forbath, was signed to fill in the vacant spot.

Was this really the right decision for the Cowboys? Is there someone else they could have signed? What will this mean for that position going forward?

Brett Maher

Yes, Maher has had his struggles. After missing six field goals inside 50 yards all of last season, he has missed six field goals inside 50 yards in 13 games played this year. On top of that, he has also missed four that were longer than 50 yards this season.

His 80 percent field goal percentage last season dropped to 67 percent this season. A lot of points are being left on the board, and the opposing team is getting good field possession. Although he was missing a lot of field goals, he would be good to keep for a long kick.

He has shown he has the leg power to drive the ball deep, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the best control of the ball. Having him on the roster only to kick those deep kicks is something that the Cowboys should have had in mind.

This season Maher hit a 63-yard field goal in Week 7 against the Philadelphia Eagles. That is the second-longest field goal in NFL history. He is also the only kicker with more than two field goals from longer than 60 yards.

Although he is inconsistent with hitting his mark, he does have one heck of a long boot. Having him on the roster to make those long field goals could be a great opportunity for the Cowboys to make long game-tying/winning field goals.

The roster spot would replace a player that would very likely not see one snap. It would also give Dallas another option if Forbath was struggling. In that case, it would have been an interesting idea to see the Cowboys go through with.

Kicking the can: Digesting the Dallas Cowboys kicking situation