Dan Snyder, Glutton for Punishment or Future Troll?

  • By: Travis Pulver
  • Date: September 21, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Dan Snyder has a net worth of $2.6 billion. His Washington Football team is worth $3.4 billion, a number that will likely go up once the team settles on a new name. Life should be good and very well maybe for him. He is not one for the spotlight, so it is hard to know for sure.

So, then why on Earth does he want to open a door into his life for all the trolls by joining Twitter?

Snyder recently joined the popular social media outlet with the verified handle of @Real_DanSnyder. He joined on Monday and has yet to send a tweet out into the Twitter-verse, but even if he did, most of us would not see it. His account is protected.

For now, the only people that can enjoy his wit and wisdom are one of the four followers he has approved. But if he is going to be so protective and only share his thoughts with a select few, then what is the point in joining?

So far, unless the account becomes public, he is not going to be interacting more with fans, which is what most celebrities use social media for. Is he wanting to keep better track of what the world thinks of him? The Twitter-verse is quick to comment on his every move (or lack thereof).

Having his own account would make it a little easier to see what the world is saying about him—but could he really be that eager to see all the hate? If so, why? Is he a glutton for punishment or something?

With how the team has played under his leadership, the answer to that maybe yes.

Maybe he is planning on doing like many athletes and is going to start firing back at trolls on Twitter. But he has to know that is only going to open him up to even more criticism and ridicule.

The only way we will ever know why he decided to join Twitter will be if he tells us. So, maybe he is waiting to see what the reaction is to him opening his account before telling us why. When it comes to Dan  Snyder—who knows.    

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Image Source: Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA

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