Cowboys three headed monster

  • By: Adam Schultz
  • Date: September 5, 2020
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Cowboys three-headed monster to dominate the NFL in 2020.

Dallas now boasts an incredible wealth of options at the wide receiver position heading into 2020.

They already had Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup as the number 1 and 2 receivers but then they went and added a genuine stud receiver in this year’s draft in the shape of Oklahoma Sooner Ceedee Lamb at pick 17 in the first round.

Lamb’s 2019 college season was dominant, to say the least. The 6ft 2 85kg receiver put up some serious numbers for Oklahoma. Lamb played 13 games, caught 62 passes for 1329 yards and 14 TD’s and averaged a monstrous 21.4 yards a catch. During his three college seasons with The Sooners, Lamb has been seriously productive. His first year was his “worst”, out of the 13 games he played he caught 46 passes for 807 yards and 7 TD’s and averaged 17.5 yards per catch. Now those stats for a first-year college receiver is decent to say the lease.

2018 was a jump up in productivity for Lamb. He caught 65 passes for 1158 yards and 11 TD’s in his 14 games, so he was getting more threatening for opposition defences. A great little site note too, is that in his three years of college football and the 41 games he has played, Lamb has not fumbled the ball, not once. The kid has safe hands to say the least. Now NFL defences are on a whole other level compared to college, but it still is an impressive stat and one that the Cowboys will be hoping continues in 2020.

Lamb has impressed Cowboys coaching staff and players throughout his first training camp. With his impressive route running ability, his superb knowledge of the receiver position and his highlight reel catches he will prove to be a great addition to the Dallas offence.

Now Lamb on his own would be tough, then you add 4x pro bowler Amari Cooper who had 1159 yards and 8 TD’s last year in 2019 and he was ranked 8th in the NFL among receivers last season. In his first five seasons in the NFL Cooper has had over 1000 yards in four of them to become one of Prescott’s favourite targets with his incredible route running ability setting him apart from other elite receivers.

Then on top of that you add in Michael Gallup who had a breakout year in 2019. The second-year receiver caught 66 passes for 1107 yards and 6 TD’s as he established himself as Dak’s number 1 receiver on numerous occasions when Cooper was having his influence limited.

So, if you are a defensive co-ordinator who do you try and shut out? Either way someone is going to get soft coverage and to think we have not even mentioned Zeke Elliott. If Zeke gets going and teams stack the box with 6 or 7 players, you can only imagine the kind of looks Dak and his receiving core will get. Add to that tight end Blake Jarwin who is a great addition in the pass game too and suddenly there are threats everywhere.

Now having the best-receiving core and offensive weapons will mean little if Dak can not get the ball to them, so there will be heavy reliance on the Cowboys offensive line to give Prescott time to get the ball out of his hand on time to maximise the weapons at his disposal.

Dak Prescott has an embarrassment of riches on offence this year and with his three stud receivers, along with a top 2 or 3 running back in Elliott, the Cowboys should be putting up some serious numbers like last season. However, numbers do not necessarily translate into wins and last year was proof of that. This year the pressure is on Dallas, a new head coach with a fresh approach and ideas, this Cowboys offence has to potential to become a scary proposition in 2020.

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