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Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones Lets His True Feelings Out

Jerry Jones Lets His True Feelings Out About Former Head Coach Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seemed to be trying to turn over a new leaf with Jason Garrett. After firing the only head coach the team had ever had, Tom Landry, after buying the team, he was anything but loyal to his head coaches….

Cardinals signed Hopkins

Cardinals signed Hopkins

Cardinals signed Hopkins – Arizona Cardinals Do What Bill O’Brien Should Have Done! The NFL world was shocked earlier this year when Houston Texans head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien traded DeAndre Hopkins, arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. What made matters worse was he did it for peanuts (David Johnson and draft picks)….

Josh McCown

Josh McCown Officially Has The Best Job Ever

In a career spanning close to two decades, Josh McCown has never been what would be considered anyone’s ‘franchise quarterback.’ But he has remained in the game as a career back-up quarterback. Of course, as the back-up QB, he never got hit in practice and rarely got hit on game day – since he usually…

Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney’s Stubbornness Could Kill His Career

Jadeveon Clowney’s Stubbornness Could Kill His Career If you had asked, most NFL analysts would have said Jadeveon Clowney would be scooped up early once free agency started. He has not been the superstar he was expected to become, but he has been a good player (when healthy). Yet, with the start of the regular…

The ‘Patriot Way’

Lamar Miller Spills The Beans On The ‘Patriot Way’

The ‘Patriot Way’ – Many NFL teams have tried to figure out the secret to the Patriots’ success during Bill Belichick’s tenure. They hoped they would catch a glimpse of the secret by hiring one of his assistants, but results have been mixed. Consequently, the ’secret’ has remained a mystery—until now. Lamar Miller has shared…

Ezekiel Elliot

Ezekiel Elliot Turning Into ‘Fun Police’ For Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliot Turning Into ‘Fun Police’ For Dallas Cowboys Expectations are par for the course when you play for the Dallas Cowboys. With Jason Garrett no longer the head coach, they may be a little higher this year. However, like every other team, the Cowboys playoff hopes could get upended if the team gets hit…

Could The NFL Boycott A Game

Could The NFL Boycott A Game?

Could The NFL Boycott A Game – In the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting, it looked like the NBA might cancel the playoffs in protest. Several MLB teams refused to play as did MLS teams, the WNBA, and the NHL. As for NFL teams, many did decide to cancel practice, but one possibility will…

Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder, Glutton for Punishment or Future Troll?

Dan Snyder has a net worth of $2.6 billion. His Washington Football team is worth $3.4 billion, a number that will likely go up once the team settles on a new name. Life should be good and very well maybe for him. He is not one for the spotlight, so it is hard to know…

Dontari Poe

Dontari Poe Ready To Test Jerry Jones

Dontari Poe Ever since Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones drew a hard line in the sand when it comes to kneeling during the national anthem, the world has been waiting for someone to test him. When Michael Bennet was traded to the Cowboys, he was expected to be the first. But, as outspoken as he…

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Could Be Willing To Go Where No NFL Team Has Gone Before

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has had an uncanny ability to adjust to his personnel and get the most out of his players over the years. It’s why the Patriots have become the picture of success in professional sports, and why some began to doubt how much Tom Brady brought to the table….