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3 concerns to digest before the Dallas Cowboys…

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3 concerns to digest before the Dallas Cowboys...

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The Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles stand at 5-4. Concerned? You bet. Now, Big D jets to Detroit to face the angry Lions. Should you be worried?

Just when you thought the Dallas Cowboys could surprise themselves, their fans, and the rest of the NFL, the squad comes up short on a nationally televised arena.

I was wobbly about the Cowboys going into the Minnesota Vikings game, but I told my brain to shut up and went with my heart, predicting a Cowboys victory to the tune of 30-20.

I was wrong. Again. And every time I look back at all the moments the Dallas Cowboys were primed for supremacy but failed, one thing is constant. Do I actually have to spell his name out for you? Jason Garrett.

This 28-24 loss to the Vikings says a lot about both teams. The trajectory for both squads was altered. Do we know more about the Cowboys now? You bet.

And guys, I’m concerned. Here are three concerns to think about before the Dallas Cowboys jet to Detroit.

1. The mediocrity of Jason Garrett

The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys is in his 10th season as the big guy in Big D. He has a regular-season winning percentage of .566. In the playoffs, he is fairing worse with a .400 percentage.

He failed (yet again) at a statement game against the Vikings. Instead of leaping to a 6-3 record, and a chance to distance his team from the Eagles, Mr. Garrett is one game away from a .500 record.

How on earth is this guy still the coach of America’s Team? This is a major embarrassment. The threads of the Dallas Cowboys were made by names like Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson and to some degree, Bill Parcells.

And the Dallas Cowboys continue to parade a guy who claps, spits, gestures for an extra point and shoves his players in the chest after a score. That’s pretty much the summary of Jason Garrett’s coaching duties.

Spit. Clap. Signal for an extra point. Shove players around.

He is a joke. Now, when I post these sentences I am accused of being a Cowboy hater. But let me ask you this: If you love the Dallas Cowboys, how can you continue to blur your psyche in favor of this head coach? The guy has a history of 8-8 seasons and continues to be nothing more than a sideline backdrop in elimination games or statement contests.

3 concerns to digest before the Dallas Cowboys visit the Detroit Lions